The Lizzy story continues...

Meet Lizzy of Lizzy James Skin Health

Growing up as the daughter of a pharmacist in the 70's greatly influenced Lizzy's newest passion project. Before most people were aware of the benefits of bee pollen and homeopathy and all natural ingredients her dad would compound natural cremes with essential oils for Lizzy's psoriasis and organic cleansers for her brothers acne.

This upbringing greatly influenced Lizzy's career path as she too decided to go into the health care field. She received a masters degree in psychology from NYU and attended Yale’s nursing school.

Fast forward to 2019 and Lizzy found herself exploring other creative outlets in addition to her role as lead designer of a rapidly growing jewelry company. One intensive soap-making workshop rekindled her passion for skin protection and led her to create an entire line of skincare products! It could not be a better time to incorporate skin protection into a healthy lifestyle.

Lizzy has designed her products with ethically and sustainably sourced natural ingredients and ensured that they are all animal cruelty free. All made right here in the USA.