What makes our goat milk soap special?

Well first of all, our amazing goats!

Unlike soaps made only with water, goat milk soap contains all the crucial vitamins, healthy fats, minerals and alpha hydroxy acids found in goat milk.

Not only does goat milk feel wonderful on the skin, it also helps slough off dead skin cells, assists in the regeneration of new healthy skin cells, and helps restore a natural and neutral pH balance to the skin -- all of which leads to the healthy glowing skin we all love!

It's no wonder many doctors recommend goat milk soap to help a wide range of skin conditions, including eczema, acne, age spots and dark circles.

Check out our collection of goat milk soaps -- we know you're going to LOVE them! 


SAMSON                                                        RIPPLE                                           
The first male member of the group.        This young buck is the feisty one in 
His confidence and manly Oberhasli        the group, constantly sneaking away
beard drive the ladies wild!                        to play hide and seek in the woods.                                                                                                                                                


DELILAH                                                          STELLA & BLUE
A Nigerian Dwarf goat, this little lady        Born on Valentine's Day, these kids
has anything but a small personality!         love to cuddle everyone in their tribe
As the first doe in the group, she               -- goat, human and canine!
keeps a protective eye on her family.


As the first born child, Ryder is an
independent guy who is often found
leading the younger kids into the depths
of the woods to find the best snacks.


COSMIC CHARLIE                                       
This little miracle was born premature
and unable to walk. With the love
of his handlers, and some help from
the family dog, he learned to walk
and is now the fastest goat on the farm!